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Q : What is Midi Companion?
A : Midi Companion is a great utility that works with OctaMED Sound Studio and your Midi equipment. Some of the functions are specific to the Roland MC-303 but a lot of the other functions work with all midi equipment.

Q : How will I benefit from using Midi Companion?
A : A lot of the basic midi functions are a chore in OctaMED and give you a "programming" feel, rather than a "creative" feel when creating your music with OctaMED. Midi Companion removes a lot of the "programming" associated with OctaMED and leaves you with more time to be creative. Where the Roland MC-303 is concerned, you will find it as easy to use Sound Module mode as you do Normal Mode.

Q : What exactly does Midi Companion do?
A : Midi Companion makes it easy for you to do things like

 and much more......

Q : What functions are Roland MC-303 specific?
A :

Q : How do I get a copy of Midi Companion?
A : Go to the download area and download the archive.

Q : Can I get a copy of Midi Companion via snail mail?
A : Unfortunatley no as this application is no longer supported.

Q : I want it! I want it!
A : Go to the download area now!!!!

Q: How much does the full unrestricted version cost?
A: Version 3.2 is Free!!!!

Q : Are there more screen shots?
A : Yes, click here.

Q : What is new in Version 3.2?
A :

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